Peter McMenamin is a professional photographer based in Hermosa Beach, California. Peter is a multi-talented shooter who excels in both indoor and outdoor settings, using both natural and artificial lighting. He is capable of all types of commercial photography from macro (close-up) catalog work to outdoor adventure and travel photography.

Known for his ability to understand a client's vision (and deliver what the client needs on time and on budget), Peter has developed a strong clientele among real estate companies and sports/lifestyle product makers. Peter also shoots group activities -- from music festivals to surfing contests. Covering action sports is one of Peter's strong suits. Gifted with youth and natural athletic ability, Peter can get into the heart of the action to cover action sports from the perspective of the participants.

Having traveled to more than 35 countries around the globe, Peter brings a fresh perspective to his work. Peter is dedicated to his craft, and committed to producing exceptional images on each and every assignment. Noted landscape photographer Ansel Adams once said: "You don’t take a photograph, you make it". Peter understands Adams' message -- that great photography requires hard work and attention to detail, before, during and after the shoot.

While Peter adapts his style to each project, a hallmark of his work is a masterly control of light and contrast. Magazine editors and other professional photographers have praised Peter's "great eye for composition". That's immediately apparent when you review his remarkable collection of location images taken during Peter's travels around the world.

Principal Photography Subjects
Real Estate, Product Catalog, Action Sports, Journalism (Outdoor Events), Adventure Travel, Live Music, Nature, Underwater.

Assignment Work
Peter is available for assignment work around the globe. Peter is known for his ability to "get the shot" no matter what the challenge. An expert-level snowboader and PADI-certified Divemaster, Peter can climb a mountain or navigate a tropical reef to get the perfect shot for a client's project.

Technical Expertise
While the lion's share of Peter's work is done with digital cameras, Peter is skilled in the use of 35mm and larger film formats. He also offers HD video with GoPro and compact HD digital systems. Whether the job calls for multiple, synched flashes or a 7-hour starlight exposure, Peter has mastery of the tools and techniques needed.

Post Production Skills and Product Marketing
Peter has expert-level skills in post processing of images using Photoshop CS6. He also holds a degree in Communications from the University of Colorado, so he can assist in campaign planning and product marketing.


Peter McMenamin

1732 Hermosa Ave.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(805) 341-1811